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Whether you have an in-house HR team that wrestles with accommodating workload or you don’t yet have a formal HR function, HRO Partners introduces a high degree of flexibility for your organization.

Improved scalability

As your business demands evolve, you may need access to HR resources on an episodic basis. Common scenarios include benefits administration support during open enrollment, recruiting and onboarding services during periods of high growth, periodic salary surveys to ensure you’re paying market competitive rates, and other similar scenarios. Such activities might overload your existing team or require expertise you don’t have in-house but bringing on full-time employees to meet these needs would be impractical. We close that gap by making our expert team available to you on an as-needed basis.

Standardized processes

One of the most common HR challenges growing organizations face is driving “people process” standardization across the business… particularly if your workforce is spread across multiple locations. Starting this from scratch is time-consuming and typically involves some level of trial and error, but HRO Partners can accelerate the entire process.

Mitigated risk

For most employers, compliance has become an incredibly challenging issue. This is due largely to the fact that, from an HR perspective, there are multiple layers of regulations and policies to navigate. Through our network of HR and employment law professionals, we’re intimately aware of the policies and practices impacting the communities you serve and can help to ensure you’re addressing regulatory issues in a consistent, focused, and repeatable fashion.

Decreased costs

Working with HRO Partners to support your personnel needs can yield significant cost savings… both today and tomorrow. There’s the immediate return of providing valuable services to your business without incurring the time and expense typically associated with recruiting, hiring, training, and managing a new employee. However, there are also longer-term cost improvements that an HRO relationship will bring to the table. Avoiding fines and penalties due to non-compliance, eliminating reputational risk to your brand associated with violating policies, improved employee retention by helping workers to better understand benefits options and the total rewards they’re receiving as part of your organization, and dozens of other examples… they all represent long-term impacts of finding and retaining an HRO partner that acts as a true extension of your team.

If you’re just starting to search for an HR Outsourcing provider, or if you’re new to HR outsourcing altogether, we’ve produced an ebook that expands on these topics and more. Click here to download your free copy today!

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