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HRO Partners clientele is comprised of a diverse array of for-profit, non-profit, municipal, and Educational organizations, with workforces numbering from a few employees to a few thousand. Located in Memphis, TN, HRO Partners’ core client base of 150 businesses (and growing) is comprised of organizations generally headquartered in the Southeast, many of which have regional offices (and remote employees) throughout the nation.

Through our innovative HR support services, we help meet the Human Resource needs of 50,000+ employees. Further, our benefits experts have helped these organizations to recognize some $300 million in overall enrollment cost savings. While we’re proud of these metrics, we’re even more excited about the sentiment and appreciation our clients have shared For Example:


What people say about us

 - Founder/CEO, large Public Charter School

I am the Founder/CEO of a charter management organization in Memphis, TN that operates 3 college-prep charter schools. We opened our first school in 2009 with limited staff. We have worked with HRO partners and its professional team for the past two years. Because we did not have a formal HR team or HR representative, I performed the major responsibilities of an HR Director while still running a school. HRO Partners has been integral to our continued success and with their direction, we have won 100% of the unemployment claims that we have fought. In addition, they have provided consultation and advice on HR liability as well as a complete overhaul of our Employee Handbook and Policies. HRO Partners has been a tremendous asset and added great value to the work of our organization.

Founder/CEO, large Public Charter School
 - CEO of a small manufacturing company
HRO Partners has provided service far above that which I expected, consequently, I can recommend its staff and work to anyone. Every individual with whom we have worked has been extremely professional and very efficient. Our Employee Handbook is now very comprehensive, and it has already eliminated so many questions and problems. In addition, knowing that HR on-call advisor services are only a phone call away has certainly made me and our Human Resources supervisor feel more secure and informed. With ever-changing employee/employer legislation, I look forward to working with HRO Partners for many years. I want our company to be compliant at all times, and I am sure that this firm will make certain that we are.
CEO of a small manufacturing company
 - CEO, third-party logistics company

It is my pleasure to recommend HRO Partners to your company. Austin Baker and his team of professional HR & Benefit specialists have worked on various projects for our company and have exceeded our expectations every time. I can vouch for the firm's good nature and hardworking character. With good collaboration I am sure they will exceed your expectations as well.

CEO, third-party logistics company
 - HR Manager, large nonprofit organization

Working with HRO Partners has been a very helpful, encouraging, and inspiring experience. We have monthly progress review sessions with HRO Partners: look forward to each session because I always take something new away… open, welcoming, and guides you with open arms.

HR Manager, large nonprofit organization
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