As the events of 2020 forced many employers to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, workers and managers alike developed an appreciation (if not a preference) for online self-service tools. After all, these resources empower organizations to offer guidance, support, and advice in a way that is most convenient for their employees. We can help. 

Unlike other HR outsourcing organizations that were forced to develop online resources to meet this new market need, HRO Partners have been delivering online resources for years. As a result, we offer technology-based solutions that are robust, field-proven, and easy to use for employees at any level of technology awareness and comfort.  

Our platform offerings are available as three core programs:


HRO NOW provides instant access to a diverse selection of national and state-specific resources – from forms and documentation to compliance support and an exclusive knowledge base – aimed at helping you get the support you need, right when you need it.


HRO ENROLL delivers a combination of services and online resources aimed at improving employee engagement, participation, and benefits selection during open enrollment and qualifying life events throughout the year.


HRO NOW & HRO ENROLL bundles deliver the ultimate support for your organization and can be bundled at different levels to meet your specific needs in each area.

HRO NOW is available at three different subscription levels, each designed to deliver exceptional support.

HRO NOW – Online

The Online offering represents our most affordable option, delivering access to some of the most commonly-used features of this exceptional support platform, including:

Access to the HR Support Center knowledge base & law library

Single state express employee handbook builder

HR documents, checklists, and forms

Training on-demand

The “HR Advisor” newsletter

HRO Enroll – Guided

For organizations that require additional support or HR teams that need to offload some of the more transactional aspects of their day-to-day functions, HRO NOW – Guided delivers adds on to the Online offering by including:

Access to “HR On-Demand”, a live chat function that allows HR professionals to get instant answers and support from HR experts

Access to “Ask the Pro”, an unlimited online and phone-based support for more detailed or complex HR and compliance questions

Professional Handbook Builder, which takes the Express builder to the next level, producing a detailed, custom-tailored employee handbook in 3-5 business days.

Handbook Update Manager that ensures all employee handbooks are maintained and reflects the latest policies and regulations.

Policy Customization, a service that supports the review, creation, and customization of HR policies unique to your organization and geographic location. 

Annual in-depth pulse survey, aimed at getting direct feedback from employees on how you can bolster engagement and improve the overall corporate culture.


For organization that need the most comprehensive, turn-key HR support service available, HRO NOW – COMPLETE delivers everything in the Guided package, plus a selection of resources designed to enhance employee engagement and drive deeper insights into the state of your business. Additional services include:

A dedicated HR professional, available on an on-call basis to support unique or urgent HR demands that pop up throughout the year

Quarterly business reports aimed at providing a more granular view of your HR operations and how they’re impacting your workforce

HR audit and gap analysis, designed to highlight personnel-related areas where you’re doing great, where you need some improvements, and what you need to do to close those gaps

HR compliance action plan, providing you with a detailed roadmap of what you need to address and maintain to adhere to policies and practices for your specific location (or locations)

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For our benefits clients – employers, brokers, and consultants – our HRO ENROLL platform delivers an equally diverse set of features, each designed to meet your specific operational or budgetary needs:

HRO Enroll – Online

This, our most affordable package, is designed for organizations with a workforce that is comfortable with assessing and selecting its own benefits during open enrollment or has internal resources to assist with this mission-critical process. Through a combination of services and a robust technology platform, HRO Enroll Online delivers:

A base health & welfare survey aimed at capturing workforce sentiment on the programs that are most important to them 

Research and recommendation of voluntary benefits programs that are best suited for your organization based on those results

Support for integration of those voluntary programs into your existing HRIS platform

Access to an Employee Self-Service (ESS) enrollment platform

“Train the Trainer” session for your HR and/or benefits team

HRO Enroll – Guided

The Guided package delivers everything listed in the Online package but comes complete with additional support for employers and employees. With Guided, the HRO Partners team takes a more direct and active approach in the planning, enrollment, and ongoing employee support processes, including:

Pre- and post-enrollment surveys to both ascertain employee needs and employee satisfaction with the process and selection

Carrier billing and claims system integration services

The ability for employees to schedule 1:1 coaching sessions during open enrollment, delivering more personalized service


The Complete package delivers the most comprehensive array of consultative, technical, and operational support available. Combining all the programs and services from both the Online and COMPLETE packages, COMPLETE adds:

Annual cadence of benefits pulse surveys to employees, driving deeper engagement and satisfaction

Analysis and reporting services, providing insight into program utilization and spend

Monthly collaboration with HRO Partners and your benefits broker

Annual review and modeling of your voluntary benefits plan

Access to complete consulting services

Enhances new hire coordination and administration services

Monthly maintenance of all integrations and associated platforms

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