Operational agility has always been the hallmark of a great business. But in a post-COVID world, it has become absolutely essential.

Today more than ever, HR professionals need to assume a leadership role in driving business forward… and there’s a lot of ground to cover.

From recruiting and onboarding, to driving engagement, to supporting compliance with new and existing policies and regulations, HR teams will be stretched impossibly thin.

That’s where we come in.

Whether you need assistance with specific, time-bounded HR projects or more general support on an ongoing basis, HRO Partners can help you to meet your business needs without the late nights, stress, and excessive workload.

We deliver a diverse selection of services that combine hands-on consulting with a next generation HR support platform, empowering you to extend the reach and capabilities of your team without adding headcount and expense. With HRO Partners, you’ll have greater bandwidth and more resources to:

Increase flexibility

As a direct result of COVID, the financial, practical, and emotional aspects of your employees have been completely upended. Shift-sharing, working off-hours, and other similar programs will ensure that work is being addressed and your employees are getting the balance they need. By contrast, strictly enforcing rigid rules could create severe reputational risk. Communicate with your employees, seek to resolve potential conflicts before they can escalate, and become an active partner in easing the challenges they face outside the business as well as within. This will require new policies, new practices, and HRO Partners can help you to address them in a way that is both authentic and practical for your business. 

Take a holistic and proactive approach to employee engagement

Employee engagement has long been a hot topic for HR pros and the organizations they support. An employee base that is “dialed-in” with the company mission, understands their role in achieving that mission, and actively participates in making the company a better place to be is the ultimate goal. So how do you create an enthusiastic and inclusive culture when you can’t meet face-to-face? How do you establish connections when “Zoom fatigue” has already set in? The solution isn’t as complex or as daunting as it appears… it just requires a creative approach. We can help.

Increase resiliency

Successfully meeting the needs of your employee base means ensuring your HR support has become digital, virtual, and always available. Many organizations who resisted moving more functions online or into a self-service model were motivated by the right reasons: that Human Resources was an inherently “high-touch” function and providing that level of service to workers was a key part of the employment experience. However, gaining the ability to conduct transactions at a time and hour of one’s choosing while making an HR representative available if there’s an issue, is rapidly emerging as the preferred model for today’s worker. Moving HR functions online, leveraging HRO Partners to augment your staff during times of peak volume or to handle transactional activities… they all combine to help make your business more agile, more flexible, and ultimately more resilient.  

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