Our suite of offerings

Our suite of offerings

At HRO Partners, we’re dedicated to developing and delivering a holistic approach to HR and benefits management. To that end, we’ve created a diverse selection of professional services, consultative support, and technology platforms to satisfy the current and future client needs.

Available both a-la-carte and as part of a complete end-to-end solution, HRO Partners offerings are tailored for each engagement based upon the unique and evolving needs of our clients… but that’s just the beginning of what makes us different. At HRO Partners, we believe in:

Providing HR Support That Scales

Whether your business is growing organically, through acquisition, or you simply need access to HR and benefits support services without incurring the overhead and expense of hiring additional HR Staff, HRO Partners delivers the expertise you need, when you need it, at a price point that is affordable for businesses of any size.

Delivering “Carefree Compliance”

With each passing year, it seems there’s a new slate of policies, procedures, and processes at both state and Federal levels. Keeping up to date can be challenging even if you have an army of in-house support and, when it comes to employee information and employment law, the stakes are very high. HRO Partners helps you to navigate these waters. We stay current on all the policies that could impact your business, so you don’t have to.

Enabling A Holistic View of Employee Engagement

Today more than ever, employees are looking for benefits that transcend the traditional. As a result of COVID-19, employees have grown accustomed to having a more flexible work environment and greater autonomy. Ensuring your employees stay focused, engaged, and – most importantly – loyal, requires a novel approach. Through our HRO NOW offering, HRO Partners delivers access to a broad selection of employee handbooks, communication policies, and other similar assets that will help you to take a holistic approach to benefits delivery and employee engagement.

Simplifying the Transactional, Amplifying the Strategic

The success of your business is increasingly predicated on your ability to be agile, readily adapting to changing operational environments. By teaming with HRO Partners, we serve as an extension of your in-house team. Through our unique HRO NOW portal, you’ll gain access to scores of HR documentation and materials that will prevent you from reinventing the wheel. And through our team of HR and benefits pros, we deliver an expanded slate of services so you can spend less time on the mundane (yet critical) transactional aspects of HR support, and more time on mission-critical projects.

Benefits made easy

The open enrollment period for any business is a stressful, hectic, sometimes chaotic time. Immovable deadlines, combined with large amounts of sometimes confusing information, can create a challenging situation for broker and employer alike. Through HRO Partners’ team of benefits experts, we help brokers  and their employer clients to increase participation, simplify ongoing support, and through our technology platform, deliver an end-user experience that is clear, simple, and concise. Our services are end-to-end, from enrollment through plan delivery and beyond. 

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