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For the better part of a decade, companies have been talking about “digital transformation.” Then 2020 hit and that transformation needed to happen overnight.

Many companies successfully made the shift. Many more are still wrestling with engagement and communication issues. And although this can put a dent into day-to-day productivity, it is incredibly problematic during open enrollment.

Bottom line: your clients look to you to transform these challenges into opportunities. We can help.

At HRO Partners, we’ve been helping brokers to offer more services, from different carriers, through a diversity of technology platforms that make sense for your clients and the employees they serve.  

We act as an extension of your team. We have relationships with multiple carriers, we address both the technical and financial implications of working with each, and we can develop a tailored plan to meet the unique needs of you and your clients – from handling virtual enrollment through total rewards statements and more.  

We’re a bit of an expert on the broker and consultant experience because that’s where our business is rooted. That’s why our solutions and services are so ideally suited to help you scale your book of busines without breaking a sweat.  

And with our new HRO ENROLL platform and service offering, we can help you and your clients to boost engagement, increase participation, and create the type of ongoing employee satisfaction that helps grow your book of business.  

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