Our Giveback

The Giving Hour is a community connectivity engine designed to engage, inspire and better connect all of the outstanding and talented individuals in our community with the many mentorship opportunities available.

The goal of The Giving Hour is to engage individuals through their employers, places of worship, favorite nonprofit, or other community membership organizations. The Giving Hour endeavors to unite and uplift the Memphis area by asking the question, “What can an hour of someone’s time spent mentoring mean to the community?”

The idea for The Giving Hour originated with a group of professionals who wanted to demonstrate the impact that mentoring has made in their lives and show how it could truly change the lives of others within our community. Establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with various corporations and organizations are key to the sustainability and impact of this network. The Giving Hour is being lead and underwritten by HRO Partners and Austin Baker.

The goal of the Giving Hour is to create 10,000 new mentors within the Memphis area.
Mission Statement

The Giving Hour will help reframe and grow mentorship in the Greater Memphis area by empowering and connecting the community in a new and dynamic way. The 10,000+ participants that we engage and connect to mentoring opportunities through The Giving Hour will be inspired to commit an hour of time to mentoring with the realization of the impact it can make in the life of another.

Why connect through this network?

By asking for an hour of one’s time, The Giving Hour will challenge mentors to tackle the issues currently facing our community. The road to change begins with each of us. Become a mentor today and be a part of the change you want to see in your community.

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