Job Analysis

Job analysis is key to establishing legal defense for a variety of HR programs, including recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation, promotions and transfers, organizational restructuring, succession planning, and training and development.

As modern businesses evolve, job analysis and structure development become a necessity for organizations seeking to:

  • Manage an aging workforce
  • Diversify their current workforce
  • Be up to date with the proper technology needed for their industry
  • Manage supervisor-subordinate relations
  • Mediate employee work-life balance
  • Create a structured advancement pipeline
  • Optimize recruiting efforts
  • Price products and services competitively within their industry

Our tailored services include:

  • Selection Procedure Development-
    • We help you identify the qualities that best predict job performance so you can hire the right people for the job. This work serves as the basis for demonstrating that your selection procedures are appropriately job-related. This service ensures legal compliance and defense.
  • Performance Evaluation System
    • We help you establish accurate standards for the job so you will know which competencies and at what level you should measure individuals against.
  • Training/Development Analysis
    • By establishing the right standards up front, we help you develop personalized training and development programs to minimize gaps between performance and expectations.
  • Job Accommodations and ADA compliance
    • By identifying the essential functions of a job, our analysis highlights any accommodations you may need to make to be compliant with federal and local laws.
  • Workplace Hazard Identification
    • We reveal workplace hazards and safety issues. With the right information (e.g., exposure to hazardous materials, heights or loud noises), you can better define the work environment, comply with safety regulations and keep your employees safe.
  • Job Requirement Identification
    • By documenting the actual job functions, we help you establish the physical demands (e.g., walking, standing, lifting, etc.), skills, education, and other essential functions of the job.
  • Compensation Structure
    • Using our analysis, you will understand a job, its pricing, and the required skills so you can find comparable jobs in the market to set proper pay ranges.
  • Job Classification
    • We provide the information you need to identify similarities and differences so you can group different jobs by classifications or families.
  • Job Descriptions
    • With an on-the-ground assessment of everyday work functions, our analysis becomes the base for all future job descriptions.
  • Workforce and Succession Planning
    • Job analysis of multiple positions in your organization helps you create development plans and career ladders, preparing employees for new roles and future jobs.
  • Employee Handbook Creation
    • Through our comprehensive analysis of your organizations functions, procedures, relationships, liabilities, employees, and goals, we develop employee handbooks that best suit as a driver for your organization for years to come.
  • Improved recruitment and onboarding
  • Comprehensive compensation data
  • Legal compliance
  • Optimized people planning
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Workforce diversification
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