Employers are frequently required to conduct investigations of misconduct in the workplace. Independent, prompt and thorough investigation of a harassment or discrimination claim is crucial. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can actually aggravate the problem and increase the employer’s potential liability.

HRO Partners provides an unbiased, well-trained, trusted advisor with extensive knowledge in employment law to properly conduct these investigations and mitigate your risk.

As modern businesses evolve, investigations are crucial for organizations seeking to:

  • Investigate claims of
    • Discipline and discharge
    • ADA compliance
    • Drug/alcohol use in the workplace
    • Employee/supervisor misconduct
    • Hiring procedures
    • Other inappropriate conduct
    • Performance appraisals
    • Sexual and other workplace harassment
    • Theft of property
    • Threatening or violent behavior
    • Workplace safety
    • Discrimination (race, religion, disability, gender, etc.)
  • Mitigate bias risk by incorporating a 3rd party investigation party
  • Investigate the legitimacy of the complaints
  • Receive coaching on how to conduct internal investigations
  • Prompt, objective and thorough reviews of complaints.
  • Detailed review of relevant policies and procedures.
  • In-person or telephone interviews of the people involved.
  • A comprehensive investigation report.
  • Recommendations for remedial action.
  • Customized training to coach your employees on how to conduct investigations compliantly and efficiently.
  • Mitigated legal risk during these procedures.
  • Greater confidence in the process and its outcomes.
  • Additional confidentiality attaching to an external investigator’s involvement.
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