Employee Outplacement

At HRO Partners, we believe that outplacement is a core responsibility of every modern day organization. We provide a commitment to the design and thoughtful delivery of programs that support employees, and maximize productivity and engagement in times of organizational change.

As modern day businesses evolve, creating an outplacement plan for exiting employees becomes a necessity for organizations seeking to:

  • Minimize the chance of litigation and other negative actions
  • Provide a structured and personal approach to the separation event in order to reduce the former employees job search duration
  • Reduce HR time investment in planning, actual separation, and post-separation follow-up
  • Reduce the stress of managers involved in the separation event
  • Preserve the company’s reputation by fulfilling social responsibility and moral obligation
  • Improve productivity from maintaining the good will of remaining staff and the separated employee(s)
  • Strengthen the company’s brand, and creates positive perception for consumers and investors, impacting employee retention and future hiring
  • Maintain the morale and productivity of remaining employees, including top performers
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development
    • Our consultants create and provide personally tailored resumes, targeted social media presences, robust cover letters, custom job lead developments, and interview coaching to help your exiting employees ease their career transition.
  • Career & Accountability Coaching
    • We coach exiting employees with emphasis on their job search strategy, career directions, work performance, and life interests.
  • Stress & Change Management Coaching
    • Our team provides workshops aimed at decreasing stress, adapting to career directions, building morale, and more for all exiting employees.
  • Interview Coaching
    • Our consultants teach necessary skills, competencies, and tips to mastering the next job interview. We provide mock interviews to analyze and provide best solutions enhance the employees next interview.
  • Networking Coaching
    • Our team teaches networking skills, drives networking events, and provides opportunities in front of the exiting employees to aid them in their career transition.
  • Minimizes litigation exposure pertaining to biased release or wrongful termination claims
  • Lowers costs of severance, benefits, and unemployment insurance
  • Promotes positive corporate responsibility to your remaining workforce by demonstrating care, integrity, and dignity to affected employees
  • Earns your organization the moral respect of your employees
  • Provides new career development options for employees to make optimal career choices, and develop effective plans for the future
  • Decreases the unemployment period of exiting employees
  • Creates fewer long-term career problems for exiting employees
  • Decreases chance of employees facing career management challenges in the future
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