Culture Development

72% of executives say culture is extremely important for organizational performance but only 32% say their organization’s culture is fully aligned with the business strategy. We understand that your corporate culture is vital to your eventual success because your culture IS your brand. Everybody wants to be the envy of their competition and have highly motivated employees every day.

Our model allows a business to determine what works for them. Our consultants’ core goal is to help you develop and test your own people strategies or provide assistance in designing the company culture you and your employees are longing for in order to become an employer of choice.

As modern businesses evolve, culture consulting is crucial for organizations seeking to:

  • Identify and live the purpose and values of your organization
  • Promote better teamwork and improve perception of employer
  • Improve employee morale and turn company into an employer of choice
  • Develop measurable benchmarks of success to the business strategy
  • Leverage an authentic employer brand
  • Increase quantity and quality of candidates interested in working for their organization
  • Ensure leaders model and encourage value-driven behaviors
  • Develop culture campaigns that inspire employees to live core company values
  • Delivery of an in-depth culture assessment along with extensive internal dialogue and comparative industry analysis to assess a clear and complete picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities.
  • Support for culture integration before, during or after a merger or acquisition to ensure a seamless transition./li>
  • Creation of a comprehensive culture strategy plan that supports future business growth.
  • Feedback retrieval to help define, refine, and maintain the culture strategy.
  • Alignment of people programs and processes to culture strategy, including HR process, training, learning & development, rewards & recognition.
  • Developing inspiring communications and designing compelling visuals that tell the company story and bring company culture to life for the rest of the organization.
  • Designing and facilitating of workshops for leaders and teams to align on core values and associated norms, mindsets, and behaviors.
  • Improves profit per employee and revenue growth
  • Decreases employee turnover
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Makes brand more recognizable
  • Improves recruitment/talent search
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