Alternative Rewards Development

Employers also are turning to other ways of rewarding employees above and beyond base salaries. As many employers realize, alternative rewards have had a strong correlation in recent years alongside engagement, retention, and morale within the workplace. Developing a strong and structured alternative rewards program is becoming a rising trend for many businesses looking to evolve their organization to the next level.

As modern businesses evolve, developing an alternative rewards program becomes essential for organizations seeking to:

  • Provide non-financial forms of recognition
  • Promote achievement/milestone recognition throughout their organization
  • Develop a bonuses and rewards program for retention and referrals
  • Develop an unscheduled “Spot Bonus” incentive for their employees
  • Develop a sign-up bonus incentive
  • Creating other non-monetary internal benefits and rewards
  • Sign-on and retention bonus development
    • We create a system for your organization that rewards your employees for their commitment and recruitment to your company
  • Compensation philosophy coaching
    • We provide a coaching experience that analyzes your company’s current reward systems and helps discover future and current directions your organization could pursue.
  • Non-monetary recognition systems
    • We help you develop systems ranging from service recognition campaigns to outstanding performance rewards.
  • Internal opportunity development
    • Some of the most beneficial opportunities you can provide for your employees are for organizational growth. We discover your organizations capabilities and match them with appropriately set rewards.
  • Incentive development
    • As merit budgets remain stagnant or you simply want to find alternative methods of compensation, we can help your organization find ways to provide attractive packages for current and prospective employees.
  • Corporate stock option development
    • Stock options are a common compensation strategy used by start-up and growth-stage companies to attract, motivate, and retain employees, particularly when competing for talent against larger, more established companies.
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increases in employee productivity and efficiency
  • Creates a cost friendly recognition systems
  • Improves work environment and job satisfaction with employees.
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