About Us

HRO Partners (HROP) is a Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing Company (HR BPO or HRO). We help our clients shift the responsibility for selected HR processes in order to achieve greater efficiency and concentrate on more strategically important tasks.

It is our mission to provide value-added Human Resource outsourced services to small and medium sized companies in order to help them remain in compliance and build operational excellence through enhanced employee engagement. If you find yourself asking any of the following questions about your business, give us a call. We have the answers.

  • Am I compliant with current HR legislation?
  • Am I sourcing and retaining the best employees?
  • Are my employees fully engaged in my company?
  • How can HR outsourcing make my company more efficient?
  • How can HR outsourcing save me money?

Whether you want to put in an effective employee engagement strategy, put together an employee handbook, or make sure that your organization is compliant with recent legislation, we can help.

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