Compensation Design & Development

HRO Partners provides compensation development consulting for clients including small to large size employers and non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to creating programs and processes to maximize the motivation and productivity of your employees, managers, executives, and board members.

We are here to provide you with expert advice and a personalized approach to achieve your compensation goals. We specialize in the analysis, diagnosis, design, and communications required for effective and efficient delivery of your sales compensation programs.

As modern businesses evolve, compensation development becomes a necessity for organizations seeking to:

  • Create an efficient, yet competitive compensation plan for select positions.
  • Structure incentives and additional pay options for employees and executives.
  • Create unique, structured compensation plans based on organizational values and goals.
  • Be more competitive with recruiting efforts.
  • Remain compliant under a current compensation plan or any future revisions/updates.
  • Provide communications and coaching of compensation changes for employees.
  • Compensation Philosophy Development
    • We refine your organization’s sales compensation philosophy and strategy to support overall organizational objectives, while also emphasizing the sustainability of your compensation programs.
  • Salary Structure Development
    • We improve your sales compensation plans to be more competitive and equitable while fitting your organization’s strategy, budget and culture.
  • Compensation Market Analysis
    • Our consultants review and compare sales compensation market intelligence relevant to your industry and deploy custom market data solutions to increase the efficiency and competiveness of your current compensation plan.
  • Executive/Director Compensation
    • Our consultants evaluate your organizations current executive and directory board compensation and refine the compensation philosophy and strategy to align with organizational objectives. We benchmark base salary, short-term, and long-term incentives against peer organizations through executive compensation surveys.
  • Multi-Level Compensation Design
    • Our consultants design compensation structures to include several grades with each level containing a minimum salary/wage and either step increments or grade range.
  • Compensation Evaluation
    • We benchmark your base salary, short-term, and long-term incentives against your industry with our employee compensation surveys. In turn we use the results to design short- and long-term incentive plans for employees of all levels within your organization.
  • Increases employee job performance
  • Enhances team and individual focus
  • Provides clearer metrics and compensation data
  • Creates a constant sales process refinement
  • Optimizes sales weakness management
  • Clears communications and understanding for any compensation changes
  • Amplifies recruiting efforts
  • Engages workers through pay incentives
  • Increases sales revenue
  • Creates an efficient compensation distribution
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