Performance Management Systems

HRO Partners closely collaborate with clients to assess company's HR function, and develop and implement performance management systems aligned with your company's strategic objectives.

As modern businesses evolve, performance management becomes a necessity for organizations seeking to:

  • Establish and identify critical job competencies.
  • Create consistent department-wide performance metrics.
  • Manage poor performers.
  • Establish a clear linkage between performance and compensation.
  • Integrate succession management processes.
  • Enable employees to align their efforts in a manner that contributes most to the organization’s goals.
  • Recognize and reward good performance in an organization.
  • Equip employees with guideposts to monitor personal behavior and results.
  • Make real-time adjustments to maximize employee performance.
  • Align individual work to achieving the organization’s goals.
  • Attempt to reach the full potential of every employee.
  • Performance Management Design
    • HRO helps with designing and implementing corporate performance management systems including trainings, software, frameworks, and etc.
  • Current PFM Coaching
    • We review, benchmark, and coach your organization’s existing performance management approaches to be more powerful, cost-friendly, and efficient.
  • Scorecard Management
    • We create business unit and project scorecards for accurate tracking, scorekeeping, and insight on various employee performance metrics.
  • Performance Reporting
    • We provide visualized performance reporting through best of breed dashboards for your organization.
  • Analytical Performance Insights
    • We improve insights by aligning strategic performance management with business intelligence and analytics.
  • Strategic Performance Decision Making
    • Our consultants help improve your decision making by aligning strategic performance management with financial planning, consolidation, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Performance & Culture Training
    • One of our core goals of this training is to align people performance with corporate performance, while discussing methods to create a vibrant, and high efficiency corporate culture.
  • Department-wide and individual performance improvement
  • Enhanced employee retention and loyalty
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Clearer communication and accountabilities within your organization
  • ROI from higher performance efficiency
  • Ensures department-wide consistency in metrics of performance.
  • Clearly defines career paths within organization
  • Promotes job satisfactions and increases retention
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