Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the foundations of all performance appraisals. We recommend preparing job descriptions regardless of the scale of the company, and even for positions with many concurrent jobs or training in multiple areas. Job descriptions will guide your supervisors when evaluating work, assist them in determining compensation, and allow performance reviews to be clear and accurate. They are the the key to aligning your employees with your goals and vision.

As modern businesses evolve, job descriptions become a necessity for organizations seeking to:

  • Create concise communication tools for the purpose of relaying job requirements to applicants.
  • Define jobs in terms of performance planning, transfer, promotion, staff planning, career, and disability accommodation purposes.
  • Communicate job duties and expectations to current employees.
  • Ensure legal compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Create proper and compliant worker’s compensation classifications.
  • Obtain legal protections for unemployment claims.
  • Optimize the performance management of their current employees.
  • Create a foundation to structure interviews on.
  • Corporate Analysis - We investigate, observe, and analyze select positions within your organization to develop thorough requirements on what specific duties pertain to your organizations position.
  • Market Analysis - Research is conducted on similar organizations to present, and consult your organization with what the industry requires for select positions.
  • Employee Efficiency Modification - Our consultants will coach you on certain duties your employees can perform or skip to be more efficient.
  • Job Descriptions - Our final product provides compliant, understandable, and comprehensive job descriptions based on previous coaching and analysis.
  • Optimizes recruitment to receive better qualified and engaged applicants.
  • Establishes competitive job offers.
  • Creates a job specific transparency and understanding for all positions.
  • Creates metrics to measure job performances surveys on.
  • Improves the individual productivity platform for an employee engagement.
  • Provides the groundwork for all work process and accountability indicators.
  • Provides go-to references for job expectations, during training and development programs.
  • Insures compliance with labor laws and legislations.
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