Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company consider HRO Partners?

HRO Partners has extraordinary talent ready to help you take your company to the next level.  Our consultants have many years of experience across HR disciplines and are professionals dedicated to the practice of Human Resources and Leadership initiatives.

We have an HR department, why do we need HRO Partners?

HRO Partners can assist you with special projects such as Compensation Plan review and development, HR Audits, Internal Investigations, Benefit reviews and enrollment, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Executive Coaching, Team Dynamics, and many of the extra special needs that you face.   Most companies are operating with a lean staff across the functional areas of their companies.  We can lend that extra set of hands when that project is looming.

I am a small company, why do I need HR help?

Many small companies do not have a dedicated HR professional.  HRO Partners lends the executive level HR knowledge and expertise that only top HR industry professionals have.   Our consultants have many years of executive level experience at some of the leading companies across the Mid-South.  We can deliver our expertise in just hours a month or as needed on special projects for a very small fraction of the cost of a mistake. 

How do I get a return on my investment with HRO?

Performance issues that are not dealt with are very costly.   Low performance not addressed timely and properly can lead to increased turnover, legal costs, and decreased margins for your company.  State-of-the-Art practices help put you on the cutting edge of becoming the high-performing company you envision.

How much do your services cost?

HRO Partners has a vast array of services ranging from small project work to access to on-call HR legal and operational resolution by telephone.   We can revamp your compensation system or simply handle your benefit enrollment.  Our prices vary depending upon the services you need.  Please give us a call and we can schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

How can I make the case for your services in my company?

Everyone knows that employees are a company’s single greatest asset.  HR “done well” will improve work efficiencies, lower turnover, improve productivity, and drive improvement to your bottom line.   HRO Partners can assist and guide you to the development of the Best Practices your company deserves.

Why do I need help with benefit enrollment?

Employee benefits and benefit compliancy is an ever changing landscape, our team at HRO Partners has a combined century of experience in this field and access to the necessary technology to guide you through this process.  Our ultimate goal in this is to help your company provide its employees and their families with the benefit protection they need.  Our enrollment services include telemedicine and group health benefits.   

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