FMLA / Workers Comp Audits

Every business faces the issue of controlling medical absences and properly managing workers compensation claims. With the appearance and continual clarification of regulations (such as ADA / FEHA, FMLA / CFRA, PDL, and Worker’s Compensation), it is difficult to determine and implement policies that keep your company in compliance, especially when you add in the more than 20 states with varying leave regulations.

Yet, if the law's provisions are not applied correctly, employers are exposed to increased costs, lost productivity and possible litigation. HRO Partners can help your company ensure compliance with FMLA requirements and minimize the law's burden to your organization.

As modern businesses evolve, FMLA/Workers Comp. consulting is crucial for organizations seeking to:

  • Utilize trusted advisors in case of claims are made against the employer
  • Learn the specifics of policies appropriate for your company
  • Develop effective procedures for handling requests and leaves
  • Assure your “internal credibility” by FMLA/ Workers comp documentation without creating additional problems
  • Establish an ongoing awareness of the leave documentation process and compliance parameters
  • Develop accurate leave eligibility assessments
  • Have precise tracking of leaves and usage
  • Incorporate federal & state leave law administration rules
  • Immediate consultation for cases of FMLA/Workers Comp. violations.
  • Review of your existing and past FMLA cases for compliance.
  • Establishment of procedures for consistent, effective FMLA case review.
  • Implement best practices for FMLA administration.
  • Train your HR staff, supervisors and employees on the:
    • Criteria for employee eligibility and qualifying reasons.
    • Employer's right to require a certification and recertification.
    • Importance of employee communication (documentation and deadlines).
    • Consequences of employees not meeting their requirements.
    • Specifics related to your company (process for calculating the 12-month period, requirements for substituting accrued paid time off, employee expectations for status reports and requirements for fitness-for-duty certification).
  • Ensures compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Facilitates productivity in the workplace.
  • Creates clear and compliant communications for your employees
  • Ensures leadership is aware and knowledgeful of the FMLA/workers comp requirements specific to their organization
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