HRO Partners believe that vendor management is not simply about finding the supplier with the cheapest price for a product or service. It’s about streamlining the process for discovery and managing top-efficiency vendor relationships. With our vendor management processes in place, you can properly establish service, quality, cost, and satisfaction goals and choose and manage third-party suppliers that help you achieve those business goals.

Why You May Need It

As modern day businesses evolve, efficient vendor management becomes a necessity for organizations needing to:

  • Mitigate supplier’s well-known, and unknown risks
  • Optimize, and analyze performance against vendor contracts
  • Increase cost, quality, and time efficiency with current and prospective vendors
  • Protect their organizational brand in conjunction with their vendor relationships
  • Reduce vendor costs and create a more transparent visibility
What Services Do We Provide?
  • Contract and Vendor Relationship Assessment
    • Our service begins with a review of the strengths and weaknesses of an existing relationships then goes into a deeper analysis based on areas we can optimize, eliminate, and reconstruct within a current contract.
  • Vendor Relationship Management Program Planning
    • Our focus in this service is to establish coordination mechanisms for regular vendor-client communications and planning activities.
  • Procurement Best Practices
    • We focus this area of service on planning and managing effective procurement processes, in which vendors are provided with appropriate access to organizational resources to conduct needed due diligence and are assured fair and equal treatment
  • Vendor Pricing-ROI Analysis
    • We identify opportunities to cut costs and enhance vendor cooperation. Enhanced management information feeds the purchaser with considerable information on costs, inventory and lapses between demand and delivery.
  • Risk and Performance Monitoring
    • We provide an evaluation of current vendors with respect to their performance, quality, and pricing structures to analyze activities areas including quality and contractual obligations and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance to mitigate risks.
What Benefits Does It Provide?
  • Increases vendor efficiency and creates a centralized vendor information base
  • Reduces product and litigation risks with vendor relations
  • Increases vendor performance and metric visibility
  • Creates a better product with higher engagement to customers
  • Optimizes planning and strategic alliances with vendors
  • Reduces costs in relating to your vendor subscriptions


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