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HRO Partners specializes in a variety Public Sector HR Services

The HRO Partners team represents professionals with HR, compensation, benefit design, administration & enrollment experience.  The team represents professionals with experience in HR departments, HR consulting, insurance carriers, employee benefit brokerages as well as certified licensed benefit counselors.

Only through HRO Partners can you find these hr solutions together in one place.  We have worked with County Governments, Municipalities, and Educational Agencies  that maintain anywhere between 50 and 10,000+ employees.


We are a  single-source provider of

On-Call HR Consulting

HRO Partners' highly trained, specialized team of HR Consultants, with over 100 years of combined experience, are only a phone call or e-mail away.  Our clients can count on us to give competent, compliant advice to navigate complex topics such as:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Workplace Incidents
  • Best Hiring Practices

Benefit Enrollment Solutions

  • Benefits counseling to help each employee understand and appreciate benefits available at work.
  • A highly trained network of benefit enrollers that save time and money.
  • Insurance products tailored to personal needs.
  • Continuous, best practice service support in billing, claims processing, and individual customer service

HR Audits

The adage "What gets measured gets improved" applies to our HR Audits, guiding clients through methods for HR Departments to operate efficiently and ultimately save money.

Compensation Surveys

HRO Partners uses specialized research technology resources to provide its clients with a full-bodied compensation reports to give them an overhead view of where their entity stands compared with regional and industry standards 

Additional Public Sector Services

  • Job Descriptions
  • Internal Investigations
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Search
  • Employment Screening


For Additonal Resources for Public Sector Entities, click a link below

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