At HRO Partners, we believe internships give students the opportunities to gain valuable applied experience, make connections in their respective professional fields, and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent. By developing an internship program, your organization not only invests in a positive future for the emerging talent of our city, but also develops a firm, internal talent development pipeline.

Why You May Need It?

As modern day businesses evolve, developing internship programs become useful for organizations seeking to:

  • Close skill gaps within their recruitment efforts
  • Develop talent internally
  • Cut spending on outsourcing, and contracting for talent recruitment
  • Develop stronger community/education relationships
  • Introduce the up and coming workforce into your organization
What Services Do We Provide?
  • Internship Design Coaching
    • We provide a 1 on 1 consultation sessions with one of our trusted counselors to coach your development goals, create strategic internship designs, and coach you through any questions and concerns you have before starting your program.
  • Intern Recruitment and Training
    • We work on and off-site to recruit talent from numerous colleges to your organization, and develop engaging and powerful training sessions to develop those individuals in your organization.
  • Intern Networking Coaching
    • We create and communicate networking events for internal and external intern talent for your organization.
  • Intern Mentorships
    • We develop internal mentoring opportunities for your organization by matching an intern with a qualified employee to develop the intern’s skills and job capabilities.
  • Cross Functional Intern Development
    • Our consultants help introduce and train your interns in a cross training platform to expand, introduce, and train interns into potential positions.
  • Intern Evaluations & Surveying
    • We provide pre and post evaluation surveys for interns with best-in-class surveys to assess everything from the intern’s potential capabilities, to their engagement levels.
  • Intern Best Practice Training
    • We provide and coach your organization best practices, trainings, and toolkits to best engage your intern workforce.
What Benefits Does It provide?
  • Provides a powerful recruitment tool for scouting talent
  • Decreases new hire and overall organizational turnover
  • Creates positive community branding of your organization
  • Improves employee morale
  • Develops skilled and educated employees within your organization
  • Increases new talent engagement
  • Provides opportunity to “test-drive” incoming talent with low-cost labor


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