Our on-call support gives you immediate professional assistance on an "on-call" basis to help with policy questions, discipline problems, pay issues, and all other daily human resource needs.

We’ll help you handle simple tasks and sticky situations in accordance with state, federal and local regulations, by advising you on how to handle each and every human resources situation with practical, effective, and powerful advice.

What Services Do We Provide With Our On-Call Service?
  • Trusted Advisor Feedback
    • Talk to the same seasoned HR Consultant every time you call. We’ll get to know you and your team. You won’t need to explain on going issues over and over.
  • Liability Coverage
    • We help your organization handle HR policies, procedures and actions in a way that limits liability for your company.
  • Quick Response Times
    • Our average response time is 1 hour and provide a guaranteed 24-hour response time.
  • Over The Phone Solutions
    • For those individuals with a crunched schedule, we are able to provide real time HR solutions for your business over the phone, in text, or via email.
  • Up to Date Notifications
    • We will notify you of industry relevant HR changes and updates. We also provide an explanation on how the changes apply or could possibly affect your business.
  • Compliance Checks
    • We provide on the spot answers for any questions you might have regarding the compliance of your organizations decisions, initiatives, and practices.
What Benefits Does It Provide?
  • Quick and powerful HR answers
  • Ability to have an experienced HR consultant on-hand
  • HR services for time-heavy clientele
  • Trusted advisors for every HR question that comes about


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