HRO Partners believes in “doing good, while doing well”.  We teach it to our clients and we practice it in our work and home lives.

The following are a few of the good causes that we are involved with:

MILE - Memphis Institute for Leadership Education

Austin Baker is the co-founder of MILE which is dedicated to creating better leaders in Memphis.  Each year MILE selects from student applicants some of the best talent at the Fogelman College of Business & Economics at the University of Memphis to become protégés in the program.  Then we recruit some of the top business leaders in the community to mentor the students.  Each month we bring in a top notch speaker and the mentors and protégés come together to learn together in a fast paced leadership seminar with team activities, community spotlights, best practice sharing and a great speech by our featured speaker.   The teams also work together to learn outside the classroom through mock interviews, job shadowing, community volunteering efforts, internships and one-to-one mentor protégé coaching.  MILE has touched more that 750 leaders in 6 years and is making a difference in Memphis!

Memphis Fast Forward: People First

A college education has become the ticket to play in today’s global economy; however, our region has fallen behind in college attainment.  The aggressive PeopleFirst agenda is accelerating promising efforts to strengthen the cradle-to-career pipeline.

The agenda, which is anchored in the philosophy of collective action, has four goals:

  • Children enter kindergarten ‘ready to learn’
  • Youth graduate high school ‘college ready’
  • Adults earn degrees and certifications that prepare them for careers in local industry
  • Talent is attracted to/retained in Memphis/Shelby County

Shelby County Mayor’s Young Professional Advisory Network

Through leadership, policy and government programs we achieve significant growth in recruiting, retaining, and developing young professionals in Shelby County.  Shelby County will be a connected government that listens and responds to issues impacting young professionals.

YP Collaborative: Connecting and supporting organizations throughout Shelby County working to recruit, retain, and develop young professionals.
MYPC Ambassadors: Gathering and sharing information about Shelby County's many assets and the ways YPs can become involved.

Memphis/Shelby Achieves - TN Achieves

History of tnAchieves :KnoxAchieves began in 2008 as an economic development initiative out of Knox County Mayor Ragsdale's office. Because of its success, knoxAchieves was charged with the task of expanding the program statewide, thus tnAchieves will be in 23 counties as of August 2011.

What is tnAchieves? tnAchieves is a last dollar scholarship and mentoring program designed to provide an opportunity for Tennessee public high school graduates to receive up to $3,000 annually for community college tuition. Our program has three unique components:

  • Volunteers are donating funds to provide a college education for students who would otherwise lack the opportunity.
  • Volunteers serve as mentors to our students to eliminate the barriers associated with college access and success.
  • Our scholars volunteer their time and energy by giving back to the community eight hours of community service per semester they receive funding.

WIN - Workforce Investment Network

The Workforce Investment Network (WIN) is a community resource that prepares job seekers for jobs and helps connect them with employment opportunities in Memphis, Shelby County, and Fayette County. We identify and pre-screen qualified talent for local businesses, and in some instances provide grants to employers to help defray the cost of training their workforce. We provide job seekers with a variety of services, such as assessments, resume development, job search assistance, and when a job seeker is suitable and eligible we help fund the job skills training needed to find and keep a good job. Working together, we can make a difference—for our residents, for our businesses, for our community.

Memphis Talent Dividend

At Leadership Memphis, we’re on a mission. Together with more than 100 other organizations known as the Memphis Talent Dividend (MTD) we’ve set a goal to increase the number of college graduates in the Memphis metro area by one percentage point over the next five years. Why? Education is an economic driver that will generate jobs, attract new business to Memphis, allow local businesses to expand and nurture entrepreneurship. Education is also the antidote to chronic drains on our community, such as poverty, crime and illiteracy. If the Memphis region can increase our college attainment by one percentage point, we will realize a $1 billion annual talent dividend. Our goal is to produce 8,002 incremental college graduates. What’s our plan for achieving this? The MTD has some great things in the works, and you can be a big part of the solution, too. Ask yourself the question, “What can I do to help someone get into college, be successful in college or go back to college if they dropped out?” Explore our website, find out how to Get Involved, , Donate, or Become a Collaborative. Be the change you want to see.

Memphis Central Rotary Club

What would it take to change the world?  Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.

We are a local chapter of Rotary International.  Come visit us to find out what we’re involved with!
Meeting Info:  We meet every Friday at Noon at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn.

ASTD Memphis

The American Society for Training & Development is the world's premier professional association in the field of workplace learning and performance. Founded in 1944, ASTD represents more than 70,000 members who come from every area of industry and from more than 150 countries.

Vision: To be the professional association recognized as the ultimate resource, advisory group and network in the Mid-South for workplace learning and human performance improvement.

Our Membership: Membership in ASTD-Memphis Chapter is open to any persons who have interests or responsibilities in training, human resource development, workplace learning and job performance. Our members represent virtually every industry and type of business, including health, higher education, manufacturing, technology, retailing, transportation, social services, independent consultants, etc.

Mission: To provide knowledge, leadership and professional development for our members to meet workplace learning and performance challenges.

SHRM - Memphis

An affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM-Memphis currently consists of nearly 900 professional specialists, generalists, business partners and executives representing the broad spectrum of the HR career including, but not limited to, compensation, benefits, employee relations, employment / recruitment, human resource information systems, training and organizational development.  Our members come from a wide variety of industries and employers in the Memphis area.

SHRM-Memphis is a SHRM 100% Chapter - all of our chapter members are SHRM members.  As such, SHRM-Memphis does not charge chapter dues.  SHRM-Memphis is proud to be a 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009 Superior Merit Award Winner a 2010 Platinum Award Winner and a 2011 Bronze  Award Winner.

Launch Memphis

Entrepreneurs Are Welcome: Anyone can turn to LaunchMemphis for support during all phases of startup and in fact many existing businesses turn to LaunchMemphis for programming to keep up-to-speed on innovation and technology trends.  If you have a raw idea for a new startup, LaunchMemphis is where you turn before incubators and before investors.  More formally, LaunchMemphis (501c3) supports the earliest stages of entrepreneurship in Memphis with dynamic programs that are designed to help potential entrepreneurs to take the first actionable steps of starting a new business.   Additionally, LaunchMemphis supplies co-working to lower the economic barrier of entry to incubation along with ad hoc mentoring.  For startups and businesses, LaunchMemphis provides Memphis’ only dynamic innovation economy programming to keep up-to-speed on the latest trends.

Opening Space for Entrepreneurs In addition to LaunchMemphis’ core programming and mentorship, the organization strives to open space for entrepreneurs in areas such as education, health care, experiential learning, and the recruitment of strong financial and political resources to the Memphis area. It is this combination of grooming entrepreneurs and opening space that allows LaunchMemphis to uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Got an innovative idea for a medical device? Need help to get it through FDA regulations and to market?

With the Memphis area being one of the nation’s epicenters for the medical device industry, and the financial support from early-stage investment firm Innova Memphis, this accelerator is poised for success and stands to grab national attention as the nation’s first, cohort-based medical device accelerator.

By surrounding you with experts, training, mentors, and an infusion of capital, we aim to help you realize your dream within 6 months. All we need is for you to bring you idea, and a commitment to making it happen.

Ready to apply? Fill out our application form here.

Still got doubts? We've heard every excuse in the book and our aim is to eliminate them all. Take a look at some of the top excuses that get in an entrepreneur's way and see how we can help you get past them.


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Hear from Austin Baker about the MILE program

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