The Sweetest Day of The Year to Recognize Your Employees

  • Karen Huss Company Culture Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    By Karen Huss, VP of Corporate Relations at Ceridian.

    Dating back to the fifth century, the exact beginnings of Valentine’s Day are a bit muddled. Several different theories around its origin exist, but most agree the day centers around celebrating romantic love with colorful symbols and gestures.

    Today, it’s customary in many countries, including the U.S., Canada, UK, Mexico, France and Australia to share a small token of affection each year on February 14. However, valentines don’t have to be about romance – the sweetest day of the year can be the perfect time to recognize the dedication and hard work of your employees. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to promote your employee recognition programs. Simple recognition such as a sweet treat or acknowledgement of a job well-done is a small way to recognize your most valuable asset – your people. Because it’s Valentines’ Day, you can have some fun…

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