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HRO Partners works with employers to help manage open enrollment and new hire enrollment in their employee benefit programs.  Healthcare reform is creating a very confusing maze of changes for employers and employees.  Increasing communication with employee benefit programs is necessary to maintain the perceived value of the overall benefit program.  We work with employers to deploy technology and additional benefit counselors to improve and streamline the benefit communication & enrollment process.

All too often the “benefit” is lost in “employee benefits”.  Entitlement unfortunately becomes the default employee perception of an employer’s benefit program.  Each and every paycheck employees see how much of their pay goes toward insurance costs and employers must employ specific strategies to help continue to fight the declining value perception of the employee benefits program.

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HRO Partners uses a best in class communication and enrollment system that delivers results.

Pre-Enrollment- Plan

  • Enrollment Goals, Strategy Development & Measurement Tools
  • Design Employee Survey’s, Plan Selection Assistance, Enrollment Timelines
  • Create Custom Enrollment Plan
  • Design & Selection of Communication Materials
  • Build Benefit Booklets
  • Enrollment Methodology Platform Selection & Implementation Support
  • HR Admin Back Office Support Including Data Analysis, Carrier Feed Consulting & Census Preparation
  • Wellness Plan Development Coordination, Communication & Integration

Benefit Communication- Educate & Engage

  • Enrollment Announcements- Posters, Flyers, Payroll Stuffers, Email & Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Benefit Plan Need Worksheet Distribution
  • Benefit Plan Topic Sheets- Easy to Understand Benefit Plan Option & Rate Summaries
  • Custom Group Meetings (In Person, Webinars, Conference Calls)
  • Online Communication- Development, Web Portals, vendor selection
  • Benefit Statement Design and Distribution
  • Enrollment Instructions- Step by Step Guides for Enrollment
  • Enrollment Packet Support- Design, Vendor Fulfillment Support

Implementation- Benefit Enrollment

  • Group Meeting Enrollments
  • One-to-One Enrollments with Certified Benefit Counselors
  • Online Enrollments
  • Call Center Enrollment Options
  • Dependent Verification Support and Vendor Selection
  • Benefit Enrollment Confirmations
  • Enrollment Data Processing & Support (Payroll Deductions & Carrier Enrollment Data)

Post-Enrollment Support- Measure

  • Benefit Enrollment Survey’s
  • Benefit Counselor Surveys
  • Post Enrollment Billing Reconciliation
  • Post Enrollment Communications
  • Enrollment Checkup meetings
  • New Hire Support (Strategy & Implementation)


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